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Hi there! I'm Michael, the Founder and Operator of Howell Web Solutions LLC. Although I started my career in technology later in life as a second career, I've been fortunate to achieve success along the way. I gained valuable experience as a software engineer at Bank of America, where I spent over three years working on various projects within the Credit Cards space. If you've browsed or signed up for a debit or credit card in the last few years, chances are I contributed to building that user experience. After my time at Bank of America, I transitioned into a leadership role at a small advertising agency in Charlotte, NC. During my year there, I focused on enhancing and growing their entire technology department. While it wasn't the perfect fit for me, it made me realize that I possess a comprehensive skill set that can benefit small businesses in Charlotte and beyond. If you are in need of a professional website at an affordable price, please reach out so we can have a conversation about your needs and how I can assist you.